Statesville Avenue Presbyterian Church (USA)

Reach Out and We Will Respond

3435 Nevin RoadCharlotteNC 28269, USA


So, about our pastor............

Rev. Amantha Barbee is a strangely odd, funny, loving, honest and charismatic person. Her passion for those on the margins of life is obvious. Rev. Barbee practices what she preaches and will not ask you to do anything she is unwilling to do herself, like stocking the shelves in the food pantry. She cherishes the simple things in life like fishing and singing but she is a deep thinker, learner, teacher, and preacher. Rev. Barbee wants what is best for you and she will push for the top so everyone prospers. She is a big kid and shows up during the week from time to time in "Chuck Taylors" but then she'll show up on Facebook wearing a gown and 4" heels at a benefit and never preaches without a collar. She claims to hate school but is working on her doctorate at Columbia. If you ask her why she'll say, "God makes me do these things and I can't say no." Rev. Barbee is an activist and doesn't mind getting in the trenches with those with no voice. The poor, minorities, women, LGBTQ, the hungry, the environment all claim much of her attention. As the chairperson for the Charlotte Clergy Coalition for Justice, she leads a group of committed clergy who vow to make a difference in this city. Though not a politician, you will find her at city hall fighting for the rights of others. Rev. Barbee is wildly creative and makes worship services come to life. Call her, make an appointment. She's busy but she will make time for you, promise! Rev. Barbee doesn't work on Fridays, so she says. She is not an early bird but she'll stay late. Oh yes, we almost forgot. Her Great Dane, Winston, is ridiculously big and protective. At least she stopped bringing him to work when he hit 90 lbs. 


Appalachian State University - Boone, NC

University North Carolina - Charlotte, NC

Union Presbyterian Seminary - Richmond, VA

Columbia Theological Seminary - Decatur, GA


Charlotte Clergy Coalition for Justice - Executive Board Chair

Queen City Singers - Assistant Director

Montreat Conference Center - Board Member

Coalition of United Progressives CharMeck  - Steering Committee

General Assembly Committee on Ecumenical Interfaith Relations

Presbytery of Charlotte Mission, Justice and Outreach - Moderator

Clergy Women of Charlotte


Recognized by Chatauqua Institute in the New Clergy Program 2011

Recipient of the E.T. George Award for Excellence in Homiletics and Preaching

2017 Recipient of the Charlotte Center City Partners Achievement Award

WELCOME TO church 2017

We've been hosting this house of God since 1952. We promise to always be friendly and affirming, loving and caring, reforming and listening.

Sunday School 9:30 - 10:30

Sunday Worship 11:00 - 12:20

Wednesday Bible Study 6:30 - 8:00

​​It's a jungle out there, and navigating life requires a real pro. You can count on the power of the Holy Spirit to get you anywhere worth being gotten to.

Not perfect but always working out faith in action.

You are welcome to join us. You means you too!

Statesville Avenue Presbyterian Church (USA)